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About the Expo

Operating Policy

Main Theme

Scenery of the Future for Happiness

Flowers that exude happiness, greenery that invokes happiness,
rustic scenery that brings happiness—and the communities, water, and vast lands which support these

Creating a sustainable society in harmony with nature characterized by deep-reaching happiness through greater exposure to flowers,
greenery and nature as a whole:held three years in advance of the target year for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
the International Horticultural Expo will be utilized as a means of examining, and sharing with the world,
the results of efforts toward building a sustainable society in order to make these results of greater use to everyone.

Expo Overview

  • TitleInternational Horticultural Expo 2027,Yokohama, Japan
  • SiteFormer Kamiseya Communications Facility (Yokohama City)
  • Duration 19 March – 26 September 2027 (six-month period)
  • Areaapprox. 100 hectares (including transportation facilities)
  • ClassA1 (highest class)
  • Expected Visitors15 million
    (incl. diverse attendance modes such as via information and communication technonogies (ICT)
    and local cooperation)
    Admission-paying visitors: over 10 million
  • OrganiserJapan Association for the International Horticultural Expo 2027, Yokohama

Former Kamiseya Communications Facility

The Former Kamiseya Communications Facility is located in northwest Yokohama City (in Asahi and Seya Wards) on a flat, 242-hectare property. Used by the United States military for many years, the land was returned to Japan in June 2015. It is a promising area with potential to revitalize outlying areas of the city, and various efforts to this end are already underway, including agricultural promotion projects and new urban development via urban land use.