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Terms of Use

This website is operated by the Japan Association for the International Horticultural Expo 2027, Yokohama (hereafter, "the Association").
When using this website, please be aware of the following.

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2. Copyrights

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3. Disclaimers

The Association strives to confirm the accuracy of all information displayed on this website. However, the Association makes no guarantee regarding the accuracy, usefulness, reliability, safety, or suitability for specific purposes, or any other guarantee, regarding said information. As follows, the Association accepts no responsibility for any damages suffered as the result of usage of information on this website.

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Regarding third-party (non-Association) websites to which links are provided on this website and third-party websites which provide links to this website (hereafter, "linked website" or "linked websites"), the content of each linked website is the responsibility of, and administered by, each respective managing organization(s). Said linked websites are not administered by the Association. Moreover, a link on this website or on a linked website does not imply any collaboration or other special relationship between the Association and said linked website operator(s), and the Association assumes no responsibility for any damages incurred by use of linked websites and their content.

Terms of Use enacted on November 15, 2021